Monday, 4 July 2016

How to access POJO data control current row's properties (using getDataProvider() method)

    I have created a POJO based data control which is returning a List<String> iterator. Because of some reasons I need to work not only with the direct binds in the page definition but also I want to access current row's properties. To give a picture of the problem, I've prepared an example:

    And now I want to put on the same page af:selectOneChoice component with all of the Strings from the list in my POJO DC. The most important thing is that the current row is not an instance of java.lang.String. It is an instance of oracle.adf.model.bean.DCDataRow class. Quick look into the JavaDoc, but no direct hint there. It is a wrapper that extends ViewRowImpl class (you may recognize it from BC4J stack). There is one method that, unfortunately, is not described in the documentation. It is called getDataProvider(), in EL it should be reffered as any other getter method. So, my choice component should look like this:

    And, to prove a point, it works also for more complex types of the data. Another example is for some artificial POJO class with two properties. After calling getDataProvider() on the current row you can call another getter method from the POJO class. In my EL for example it is #{row.dataProvider.label} to get label property. Please follow next few screens to check the solution.

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